DJ Nil Castillo


I have grown up with music, my life is a soundtrack and that each song marks a key moment in my life. I grew up with cassettes and vinyls in the era before cd and mp3. I started as a listener (which has become something permanent), I learnt to play the electronic organ (although I never really love it because it is a sound without its own identity), I composed some songs.

I always dreamed of being a DJ and had the opportunity to do it in 2002. I did practically all the programming for the radio broadcast; from 50's to today's music, specials from the BBC of London, American rankings, the weekly ranking, part of the annual ranking, reggae and House music, but my passion was always rock.

I dedicate myself to my administration career, but always with the desire to continue in this wonderful world. In 2012 i met a person and we made The Nation Rock Radio, on the 8th August. We have continued to this day discovering and sharing the best of indie music.

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